Christopher D. Olson

Miranda Landry Photography @mirasphotos

Christopher is a talented and multifaceted Vancouver based singer-songwriter. Olson lives and breathes creativity, he has an extensive background in music and theatre. He grew up in North Vancouver and discovered musical theatre as a kid, he has been in over 25 productions, many of which he starred in. The musical and performance element to theatre appeals to Christopher on a visceral level. This interest eventually led him to large film productions including CW’s iZombie and Arrow, as well as the upcoming Disney’s Noelle. He has done many theatre productions for URP including the beloved character Tom Collins in Rent.

Olson’s experience in theatre has refined his already impressive vocal skills. He sounds like he swallowed an amp, his voice could collapse the Vatican. His history with music is equally as accomplished and diverse. Olson picked up the guitar as a teenager, he was inspired by the profound songwriting of Ryan Adams and the performance power of Gord Downie. He fronted an eclectic group of bands before becoming a solo artist for almost ten years. His album Seven Years was released in 2008, it is a brilliant body of work. His music is alternative country fueled by his volcano of a voice and clever songwriting. Think early Wilco meets Dave Rawlings, which is as wonderful as it sounds.

In 2017 Olson joined forces with Adrienne Nye, together they formed Fallow State. Nye also has a theatre background and a moving voice, together the two are unstoppable. Olson is a freight train of talent, music is instilled inside of him and his cathartic release of it is pure sonic magic.

– Written by Maddy Crystall (Biolyrical)