Adrienne Nye

Miranda Landry Photography @mirasphotos

Adrienne is a remarkably talented singer-songwriter. She was born in Montreal, started singing at the ripe age of four and started dancing at six. At the age on nine she was cast in the first and only bilingual production of the iconic musical Les Misérables for over 125 performances. Shortly thereafter she moved to Toronto to train at National Ballet School of Canada for two years. During her spare time there she took lessons and taught herself how to play the guitar. In her early teens, she moved back to Montreal and joined the F.A.C.E Treble choir under the direction of the accomplished choral master Iwan Edwards (Member of the Order of Canada). The choir performed frequently in Montreal and toured to both Prague and Munich. The choir also had the pleasure of doing the Czech version of  “Brundibár”, a children’s opera by Jewish Czech composer Hans Krása, which she played one of the lead roles. The Montreal premiere was broadcast live on Radio Canada and she had the honour of performing the opera again at The Saratoga Chamber Music Festival in summer of ‘96 with members of the Philadelphia Orchestra in Saratoga Springs, NY. Nye continued her passion for music and various opportunities led her to learn trumpet and bassoon as well.

In her late teens, she was inspired by the profound songwriting of Joni Mitchell, the angelic melodies of Sarah McLachlan and the imagination of Tori Amos. She simultaneously starred in six local musical theatre productions on Vancouver Island where she had moved with her family after she finished high school. She completed one year of Fine Arts in Theatre at The University of Victoria before switching gears and completing her degree in Science, followed by a Master’s degree at the University of British Columbia. She then explored the film and television side of acting after graduate school and ultimately wound up studying at the reputable Rogues West.  

The woman clearly never sleeps and comes from another planet. Her relentless creativity and talent continues to lead her to exciting opportunities. In 2017, she formed Fallow State with Christopher D. Olson, another impossibly hard working thespian and musician. Their music is a rich tapestry of clever songwriting, refined musicality and shape shifting harmonies. They released their debut EP in 2017 and are currently performing incessantly and working on a fully fleshed album with a full band. Nye’s ample history in music and performance translate into incredible musicianship. Her stage presence is intoxicating as is her ability to move her voice like the instrument it is. When Nye isn’t busy excelling at various artforms she works at her science-related day job, she is the muse in a book that hasn’t been written yet, hell she will probably write it.

– Written by Maddy Crystall (Biolyrical)