Fallow State are a fiercely talented West Coast Folk band from Vancouver, BC. The band consists of Christopher D. Olson (Acoustic Guitar, Vocals) and Adrienne Nye (Vocals), along with Will Lloyd (Lead Guitar), Ross Christopher Fairbairn (Bass) and Travis Smith (Drums). Christopher and Adrienne complement one another flawlessly. Their voices are powerful independently but together create an avalanche of harmony.

Fallow State make music straight from the dusty basement of their souls. Their organic sound is impossible to plagiarize, it is timeless music filled to the brim with authenticity. Their sound is particularly refreshing in the modern sea of dad rock and EDM.

The two began playing music together one fateful wine infused night in 2017. Olson was looking for a female singer and Nye was looking for a new project. They soon realized that their voices are exceptionally compatible along with their clever songwriting. Their lyricism is engulfing; some songs are stories, some are reflections and they’re all fascinating and catchy marvels. They each have an extensive background in theatre which translates well into their musical performances. They both embody a powerful presence which is something that is difficult to describe but easy to notice. Their concerts are a notable part of their rich tapestry of talent.

Fallow State released their debut EP six short months after the band formed. The short album is a great collection of musically refined and emotionally generous songs. It is not only a great sonic introduction into their world but an enduring body of work. They recently gained recognition for their original songwriting by winning the 9th Annual Whistler Music Search.

They perform frequently around B.C and recorded their second EP – The Cove in early 2019. By summer 2019, they added Will Lloyd on lead guitar and Ross Christopher Fairbairn on upright bass, developing a fully fleshed sound, elevating their music to yet another level. In January 2020, they invited Travis Smith to join the band as their drummer.

Fallow State are a bona fide and fully realized real deal kind of band. They ooze with conviction and drip with talent, you can easily get lost inside the depth of their music.